Work with Chris

Want to work with Chris?  Here are some ways you can do that.

I live in Northern Viriginia, so if you’re in the area, you’re in luck!  I’m also available to come to you – details to be worked out between us.

Private consultations

Send me an email and we can talk about how that can happen.

Buy my stuff

I’ve got a great program available here on the site.  Check it out!  More to come soon!

Peak Performance for Professionals, Sports and Hobbies

Lest you think that working with me is only for people who have a problem or are in pain, it’s often better to work on achieving peak performance, rather than fixing things after they’re broken.  I have wide-ranging experience working with all types of people to:

• enhance their performance,

• lower chance of injury and,

• increase their enjoyment of their work, game or pastime.

Ergonomic Consulting

In the office or home environment, I excel at creating a pleasant, stress-free environment by modifying the ergonomics of the environment.  I give you practical, easy to implement ideas help you (and/or your crew) release stress, rather than compound it.  These on-site ergonomic consultations have helped many offices (and households!) increase productivity and lower physical stresses.

Training Professional Bodyworkers

I’ve worked for years with other bodyworkers to improve their technique and results while easing the wear and tear on their bodies.  In the past, I’ve taught at the Esalen Institute, massage schools, various hospitals and residential programs, as well as teaching other professionals how to work with trauma survivors.

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