COVID response

Dear Friends – 

I hope this finds you all well and safe.  COVID-19 has overtaken the world, precipitating big changes in lifestyle for all of us.  Hopefully, we will weather this storm smoothly and relatively quickly.

The hands-on aspect of my work is paused, for the moment, which does create a few difficulties. 😉  Fortunately, there is much I can do over the internet.  Many of the skills and ideas that you’ve had me work with you on don’t require my actual physical presence, and work beautifully over video chat.

I am adding the following services that I can offer remotely. Please review them and feel free to suggest other ideas that you would like, or that you know that I can do and think would benefit others. A lot of these areas will overlap.

Here is my current list of my ideas. I will be adding more based on feedback and requests from my clients:

Ergonomic consultations

• I can help you improve your (new) home office set-up so that it fits you, and eases the strain on your body.   (I have product recommendations that can help with this as well)

Movement and Mobility:

 • gait analysis

 • walking, and running design: make your walk smoother and easier – or run faster than you’ve ever thought possible!

 • posture and ease while working, seated, or standing

 • coaching you through your workout to help you achieve and maintain the best form.

 • music practice

Targeting specific “problem” areas:

 • let me help you design and implement easy, effective programs and routines that will change those problem areas (pain, weakness, lack of mobility or strength) into assets for you.

 • Rehab exercises – designing, implementing, and adapting personalized routines to keep the rehab going.

For any of these or other issues, I’ll be doing sessions of either 30 minutes ($80) or an hour in length ($140).  We can use the tech available to me to record the sessions so that you can review them whenever you need afterward. Contact me to schedule – I’m rather flexible at the moment. 🙂

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