“Chris Hendricks is an amazing bodyworker.  His ability to see exactly what’s at the root of the problem and then quickly change it, with what feels like no pressure at all, seems like magic.  We love his work.  Chris has been instrumental in helping us move through some old injuries and keeps us functioning at peak levels.  Don’t hesitate – get on his table.”

-Jack Canfield, lecturer, success coach and international best-selling author of the Chicken Soup book series – and his equally amazing wife, Inga.

Inga adds:

“I really appreciate all the care, extra care, deep insights, great humor, and old-time wisdom you brought over with you every time without fail. You are a super professional with a deep caring, ultra -loving, extra-healing and thoughtful touch.  I tell people you are such a renaissance man – a rare, exquisite find!”

“Chris inspires me greatly with his touch and ability to see and feel into the body. He is an exceptional detective in the way he explores and unwinds what is mechanically and structurally going on in the way we move.  Many times I have felt surprised by the subtle and simple way in which Chris supports my body in releasing tension and coming into functional alignment.  His approach to teaching is both grounded and profound. He had me feeling muscles changing their tone under my fingertips in our first teaching session. I have studied many types of bodywork and this is by far the most effective and empowering style of bodywork that I have experienced.”

-Shems Heartwell, LAc.

“After over a year of chronic back and sciatic pain I can’t tell you how relieved I am to be pain-free!  Every practitioner I went to said I was merely getting older, and needed more core strength, but I always knew the answer was in my hips.  Now I feel 20 years younger and I can’t thank you enough!”

-Kelly Smith, financial guru and fanatic surfer

“After just 2 treatments with Chris, I can honestly say that my back feels better than it has since 1985. Previously I tried RMT, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Medications, and Physical Therapy all of which resulted in only temporary results. I follow his recommended exercises consistently and my only regret is not seeing Chris sooner!”

-Marlene Brenner

“I have found Chris’ work to be the most effective, lasting bodywork of any I have ever received in fifteen years of various bodywork sessions.”

-Susan Snowe, consultant

“Chris’ ability to blend a highly functional technique with keen intuition and deep seeing quite simply produces miracles.”

-Alexandra Merrin, Personal Growth Coach

“Chris taught me to run faster, easier, and pain free.  He keeps my body functioning the way it is meant to.”

-Jim Blinkhorn, stockbroker, marathon runner

“I have more movement in my ankle than I have had after 12 years of surgery, physical therapy and massage.  Chris is a mad scientist/genius at work, plus, he’s really nice.”

-Carrie Marie Tasman, Graphic Designer and Artist

“Mr. Hendricks was highly instrumental in providing Ergonomic consultation and practical exercises to maintain our staff over long daily hours at their desks and computers. Thanks to his assistance we saw an overall improvement in productivity and fewer complaints about back or arm pains from being in an incorrect position at the workstation.”

-Charlie Clark, Director & Executive Vice President, C&C Offset Printing Co. [USA] Inc.

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